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Washing machines come in various sizes and vary in types according to people's preferences. You can choose washers from automatic to semi-automatic, or front loading and top loading machines. You can check the washing machines according to the washing programs. You can also opt for dryers and mini washing machines in case you live in a small house.

Types of Washing machines

Top Load

In top loading the lid is on the top and laundry is placed from there. Here the basket is placed in vertical position. At the center of the basket, there is one agitator placed on the vertical axis. This agitator is responsible for swirling of clothes in the alternative circular direction.

Front Load

In front-loading the lid is in the front and the laundry is placed from the side. In front-loading, the basket is placed in the horizontal direction with no use of agitator. There are paddles on the side of the basket which help move the clothes and stir water while the basket rotates. The paddles help remove dirt from the clothes by creating friction.

Between these two front load is more energy efficient than a top load. They are less noisy and can take large loads. Entry level models are generally semi-automatic and require human assistance during the wash cycle. There are leading brands of washing machine like IFB , Whirlpool , Samsung , Electrolux , Haier , Godrej , Videocon , Kelvinator .


If you want to invest in a washing machine with a reasonable budget, ePriceInfo keeps your needs covered with its economical semi-automatic models. Models such as Onida WO62SBC1, LG P8540R3FDB, and Electrolux WM ES80EEWH-CLS fall into this category. The semi-automatic ones are perfect for you if you are not sure to allow yourself continuous supply of water to the washer. They feature a double tub design, where you have to spend a manual effort to change the clothes from the wash tub to the drying tub.

Fully automatic

Brands like IFB, LG and Samsung offer automatic washing machines that perform all functions without your help. Simply load the laundry, set the wash cycle and other adjustments according to the laundry to be washed and wait until the alarm catches your attention. Your clothes are clean, fresh and dry. Models like Godrej WT Eon 700 PF, LG T80FRF21P and LG T10RRF21V are fully automatic and make the perfect addition to homes with working women.


At ePriceInfo, you will find washing machines from a capacity of 6 kg or more, up to 8 kg, to suit the size of your family. A 2 kg model will suffice for a family of two and for those who only wash white and light colored clothes in the machine, while a family of four or more may need a washing machine with capacity for6 kg, 8 kg or more.