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Why visit different stores when you compare shop prices on one page. At ePriceInfo you can compare prices on different websites from stores like Amazon, Flipkart and much more so that you can save money and time. There are top brands of tablets like Apple iPad , Samsung tablets , Lenovo tablets . Compare tablet specs with all the essential feature like Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS, USB OTG, Infrared and many other features.

Tablet PC's are easy, lightweight and can be carried anywhere. A tablet is your online library for music. Movies, games and many more other tasks. Most of these tablets come with expandable memory features so that you will never run out of storage space ever. You can get Tablets which runs on different platforms like IOS, Android or Windows.

Tablet pcs are gaining popularity in various areas of human activity including education. The demand for these devices is determined by their versatility and high computing power comparable with that of laptops and traditional PCs, and the ease of use portability and extended drawing capacity compared to that of a sheet of a paper.

Whether you want to read your favorite book online, browse the internet or watch some videos the high-resolution display of tablets ensures that you get to see the images or texts with rich clarity from SD to HD, full HD, and quad HD, you can choose the display type based on your need. Some of the tablets come with stereo speakers that will let you listen to your favorite songs in crystal clear and rich sound. Tablets come in different sizes and color.

Features to consider before buying tablet

Display size: You need to decide what display size you are looking for. You can buy tablets which have a display size below 7 inches or go for 8,9,10 inch screen size as well.

Connectivity: There are many different options to choose from, if you prefer using data from your sim, you can choose tablets that support only 3G or 4G technology. If you also want to use Wi-Fi some tablets function with both Wi-Fi and one of the 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies.

Ram: A tablet with a big RAM size can run more applications at once. You have the choice of going from 512MB or 4GB RAM. If you are not going to run many applications you can go for 512 or less than that.

Voice calling facility: If you want to use a tablet to make or receive calls then the best option would be to go for tablets which support voice calling facility.

Operating system: you can get tablets in any of the three leading operating systems, When it comes to IOS you can expect the best standard of all Apple products, If you prefer android then you can choose from brands like Lenovo, Intex, Datawind and many more other brands.