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If you have a bigger family and you need more storage space, so equipped with latest features a double door refrigerator is the perfect. Extra storage space means that you can store food which can be served later. The advanced cooling technology ensures that cooling is uniform. This significantly reduces the chances of food getting spoilt. In double door refrigerator getting ice cubes is also very easy as the ice door is installed in the upper compartment. The varied range of refrigerators will leave you spoilt for choice. Pick the one that suits you most.

Types of refrigerators

We have different types of a refrigerator which addresses every need of humans today. They are sorted by type, capacity, energy efficiency and features.

  • Single door refrigerator,
  • double door refrigerator,
  • triple door refrigerator, and
  • side by side refrigerator,

Capacity is a matter of preference. Energy efficiency is one of the distinguishing features.There are best refrigerator brands available like LG, Samsung, Godrej, and Kelvinator.

The varied range of refrigerators will leave you with no options. Choose the one that suits you best. To keep your food fresh and your drinks fresh, buy refrigerators and check online offers at ePriceInfo. ePriceinfo provided you with the links of e-commerce stores with their updated prices so that you can buy these refrigerators at the lowest price. We update the latest refrigerator price list on an everyday basis so that you will never miss out the best deals on newly launched refrigerators from trustworthy brands.