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Watches are one of the best and oldest ways to personalize your outfit. It makes you look smart and decent. A person who uses a watch seems to value time and makes the best impression. A watch is an essential accessory, especially when you are attending interviews. It makes a surprising gift for your partner and it is a perfect gift for your parents. Watches never goes out of style and can be combined with a variety of sets and other accessories. At ePriceInfo, you can compare watches side by side and find a list of smartwatches by brands.

Types of watches

Analog Watch

Analog watches displays with a 12-hour miniature watch face, an hour hand, a minute hand and some watches also have a second hand. There are analog clocks with traditional numbers and with Roman numerals. Most of these watches have marks that represent 60 minutes per an hour and also, known as Analogue Watch. These are the watches that have traveled with us all the time. Technically speaking, almost all watches are analog clocks, unless that is in the case. These typical face watches have two and three hands with written hours from one to twelve on the face.

Digital watch

Digital watch displays hours, minutes and sometimes seconds are indicated with digits and instead of using hands on a daily. Digital watches works according to the principle of digital signals and also stores the information. These watches show the time in numbers and also give time in 24-hour format. You can set even an alarm or timers on these watches. Usually, these watches find applications in sports where timers and other storage functions are required.

Automatic watch

An automatic watch that continues to operate the regular movement of the user's wrist. Automatic wristwatches do not need windings if they are worn every day. Energy is stored using a weight of half a metal disc, known as a rotor, that rotates when the arm is moved. The energy stored in an automatic wristwatch can keep an unattended running for 24 to 48 hours. Also, known as an automatic watch.With the advent of technology, watches began to arrive with a completely new level of features. They can measure their pulse, provide training, play music, give alerts, warnings and perform a wide variety of other actions.

Chronograph watch

"Chronograph" is simply an elegant word for "chronometer". Using a chronograph is very easy. Simply press the start/stop button on the side of the watch to start or stop the stopwatch; press the lower button to return to zero. The chronograph function in the Chrono watch face allows you to time races and events.Athletes usually become gaga in a chronograph watch that also provides the functionality of stopwatch. Usually, they also have sub menials for hours, minutes and seconds.

Diving watch

Diving Watch is designed for underwater diving that has a water resistance of up to 100 m (330 ft). The typical diving watch will have a water resistance of around 200 to 300 m (660 to 980 ft), although modern technology allows the creation of dive watches that can go much deeper. Also, known as Dive Watch or Diver's Watch. These watches are used by Surfers, Divers, Sailors and are resistant to pressure and water.

Quartz watch

A quartz watch works with an electronic oscillator synchronized with quartz crystal. The electric current causes the quartz inside to vibrate with a precise frequency. The frequency is broken down through an integrated circuit where the power is released through a small stepper motor that sets the hands of the clock in motion. Quartz watches will need battery replacements from time to time. These work on the world famous quartz technology that contains a piece of quartz that oscillates at 32,000 vibrations per second. Due to their extreme precision, these are very expensive and widely used in these watches. These are operated by battery. These are the best option for people who are too obsessed with accuracy and consistency over time and do not want their watches to go slowly due to natural degradation.

Smart Watch

With the advent of technology, watches began to arrive with a completely new level of features. These watches are with smartphone functions. They can measure their pulse, provide training, play music, give alerts and perform a wide variety of other actions. A smartwatch is a portable device that is designed to be worn on the wrist, just like a traditional watch. However, smartwatches, such as smartphones, have touch screens, support applications, and often record heart rate and other vital signs.

Luxury Watch

These watches are ideal for watch collectors or watch connoisseurs and those who appreciate the high precision and complications made by hand on a watch. Such watches are often encased in precious stones and other expensive materials.