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The first thing while buying the laptop is, which type of application you want? Is the game your priority or you want the device for your business, travel, or do you need one for your everyday activities? After deciding, you must go to the next step. Laptop comparison website will help you to choose the best one for your needs with best prices. Check the specifications and features you want on your laptop. The operating system, the processor type, and the RAM are the main factors that you must take into account.

Some of the popular operating systems used are Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 10 Pro and Mac OS, while other open source operating system options are DOS, Linux, and Ubuntu. By selecting the right laptop processor for your application type, you can choose between conventional processors like AMD A8 and Intel Core i3, or if you are looking for high-performance processors, you can opt for AMD A10, Intel Core i5, and Core i7. For everyday use, AMD E1, E2, A4, A6, Intel Celeron Dual Core and Pentium Quad Core should do the trick. ePriceinfo helps you to compare laptops side by side based on laptop features, brands and specifications.

laptop brands list

Undoubtedly, laptop brands list will help you to find the best model in which to invest. In addition to the above-mentioned brands, Dell, Asus, Microsoft are other laptops that are reliable and worthy of its price. You can choose from great models like the HP Core i3 6th Gen , this is a good investment for those looking for low-cost laptops aimed at normal everyday use. It has a robust configuration, a good backup battery, ample storage space at an affordable price. The Lenovo Idea pad 110 (Core i3 6th Gen), laptop is another good choice. This is a laptop with a decent price and is ideal for use related to entertainment. It houses a powerful processor and thus can perform multiple tasks with ease. It also has an excellent backup battery.

Look at the following specifications if you are buying gaming Laptop:

  • Graphics Card : Most important aspect you must check in a gaming laptop. Choose from AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics to get high quality experience.
  • Processor : You can choose between Intel and AMD. Quad-core i5 processor would be enough for most gamers. An octa -core i7 will give the best power output.
  • RAM : 8GB RAM is the basic and better choice for gaming.
  • Drive : You must always go for SSD over HDD owing to the speed boost it can give for booting up and loading games.

Some of the best gaming laptop brands that you can buy are MSI, Predator, ROG and Omen.