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If you have planned to buy an air conditioner, here at ePricelnfo, you can compare ac and purchase at reasonable prices with exclusive offers and great discounts. You can also choose air conditioning models from the best brands such as Samsung , LG , Voltas , Haier , and others. You can select the type of air conditioner that you prefer. For smaller rooms or for apartments with limited space, a window air conditioner is ideal. They take much less space on the wall and cool the room quickly. Split AC can be installed in larger apartments without any hassle.

Types of air conditioners

While there are many manufacturers in the industry that offer a range of air conditioner types to cover different needs and situations, air conditioners and cooling units usually fall into below categories.

Central Air Conditioners

This is a popular choice in commercial buildings and is also widely used in residential environments. The central air conditioners are composed of a condensing unit and an evaporation unit. Central air conditioning is used to cool large buildings, houses, offices, complete hotels, gyms, cinemas, factories, etc. A central air conditioning system consists of a huge compressor that has the capacity to produce hundreds of tons of air conditioning. Cooling of large salons, shopping centers, large spaces, galleries, etc. It is usually feasible with central conditioning units.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are independent, easy-to-move that cooldowns when vacuuming fresh air, removing heat, moisture and returning fresh air to your space. To cool properly, they must vent hot air to another location, usually outside through an included window kit. The installation usually takes only a few minutes. Other ways to ventilate a portable AC is through a hanging wall or ceiling hole. The main benefits include that you can move them to different rooms, they do not require permanent installation, and they are generally affordable options. Some people consider them noisy and, in general, they are not as efficient as other AC options in the room.

Window Air Conditioners

A home wants to have individually controlled units for each room so that unoccupied areas do not contribute to energy consumption. The window type air conditioners adjust to the bill with a variety of sizes to adopt corresponding floor area of ​​the space where they will operate. Each component is compressed in a compact box that is connected to a window and allow unrestricted airflow. Generally, they are efficient options that can cool small or large rooms.

Split Air Conditioners

Split system air conditioners are similar to central ACs, since the condensing and evaporation units are separate but do not use ducts, and are designed to cool more limited amount of space. In most split system air conditioners, the refrigerant is pumped from the main unit to the air regulators in several rooms. The benefit of this is that refrigerant will lose its temperature as fast as the air while it is transported throughout the house. Additional benefits include silent operation, flexible configurations and smaller interior printing.