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Steps to download Amazon prime videos on Android and Ios device

Steps to download Amazon prime videos on Android and Ios device

For movie lovers and TV freaks the new age of streaming services in India is great, but poor connections can throw a spanner in the works. Most of the popular service allows to download these videos and can watch them later. Whether you want to download a movie or show during the night to watch the next day, or whether you want to download something to watch when you are on a flight the option is there for you.


We will let you know the steps on how to download Amazon prime video. The whole process is really very simple. You can download the videos to your smartphones or tablets. Its compatible with both Android and IOS, But cannot download the videos to the laptop.  At one time you can download maximum of 15 prime titles, across all devices linked to your account. Downloads are viewable only for a limited period after which you will have to renew the file by connecting to the internet.

Steps you need to follow for downloading the videos from Amazon prime videos  on Android and Ios device 

1. Device has to be connected to a Wi-Fi network and then open prime video app.

2. If you want to download the file with the help of mobile data instead of Wi-Fi,first swipe in from the left and go to settings.

3. Here you have to turn off download on Wi-Fi only by tapping the toggle.

4. Now you can find the title which you want to download and open the details page by tapping on it.



5. On the detail page you can see a download button. Tap to start downloading.

6. Then you can also select the video quality - You have four options, from Best to Data saver. Amazon shows how much space 1 hour of video will occupy at each level, So you know how much space you will need. For reference at the top quality 1 hour will take 0.46GB While at the lowest quality, 1 hour will take 0.12GB.


7. If you want you can also scroll to the bottom and make the quality you chose the default setting.

8. Once the download get started, You can also see a pause download button on the details page, to pause the download and you can also see a download options button.

9. If you tap on download options there is a option of changing the video quality, Pause or cancel the download by tapping on those options in the menu.

10. Once the movie or Tv show is downloaded you can tap on downloads to see the list of downloaded videos and tap on the file to go back to the details page, Where you can watch by tapping the watch now button or remove the file.

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