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SIKUR Phone : A 'hack-proof' smartphone cryptocurrency wallet

SIKUR Phone : A 'hack-proof'  smartphone cryptocurrency wallet

Prior this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, German cybersecurity organization Sikur, propelled SIKURPhone, a phone intended to secure information as well as the cryptocurrency. Sikur's new scrambled phone has been attempted and tried by hackers, to guarantee clients cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin, are protected from burglary.

Such a gadget may have just engaged those bearing fragile corporate information or delicate government archives a couple of years prior. In any case, today's world of hackers, set on attempting their fortunes in a cryptographic money advertise worth over US$460bil (RM1.8tril), significantly more individuals have significantly more to lose.

SIKURPhone is, at last, a reasonable decision as opposed to a garish one – the specs stay fair and no place close to those of a lead thing. Somewhat littler than an iPhone, the gadget has a 5.5-inch full top quality "gorilla glass" show, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of capacity, a 13MP back camera and a 5MP front camera.

Where it stands out from the swarm is in its "unhackable" implicit cryptographic money wallet, custom fitted to defend advanced coins, for example, Bitcoin. The organization is so certain about its new gadget that it even put it under serious scrutiny, procuring proficient programmers to do "thorough hacking tests for two months". Programmers, at last, failed to break in.

 SIKUR Phone : A 'hack-proof' cryptocurrency wallet

SIKURPhone basically keeps running on Android, in spite of the fact that it is a modified form that gives the: calls, messages, record stockpiling, and so on. With respect to outsider applications, for example, Instagram and Facebook, they will inevitably be open however not before being confirmed for security worries by the organization.

As per Sikur, the phone's unique mark confirmation capacity can likewise be utilized to recuperate individual information on account of a lost gadget or an overlooked secret word. Cristiano Lop, Sikur's CEO, enlightened CNBC concerning what's to desire the cybersecurity organization.

"Toward the finish of second quarter of 2018 we will convey a crypto wallet inside our stage, extending the wallet use past SIKURPhone," said Lop. "It implies that our clients ought to be capable, through a physical gadget, to safely store their crypto coins." Sikur has arranged 20,000 SIKURPhones for pre-arranging, retailing at US$799 (RM3,132), with conveyance planned for August 2018. Pre-deals started Feb 27, by means of the Sikur site at

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