Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to be first device with in-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to be first device with in-display fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 is the first Samsung smartphone to feature an in screen finger print sensor. As per the rumours to be believed Samsung was supposed to use the in screen finger print sensor for the Galaxy S8, and it was not possible as technology got delayed. The new emerging trend which we can see in today's smartphone is the incorporation of the full screen displays, and these smartphones do not have fingerprint sensors at the front. Smartphones like Xiaomi Mi Mix, LG Q6, and samsung Galaxy Duo have full screen displays and also have rear mounted finger print sensor on board. Galaxy Note 9 phone will make its debut in august or September 2018.  



Samsung will place the finger print scanner at the rear of the galaxy S9 flagship models. Galaxy S9 will also have additional features like advanced iris recognition and also dual cameras. As per the reports coming in Samsung will also be switching from synptics to egis to supply the fingerprint sensors on the galaxy note 9. It was believed few weeks back that Apple would be introducing the optical finger print sensor in Iphone 8 instead Apple is  going with revolutionary 3D face scanning technology. Companies like Vivo and sharp are sucessuful in embedding the finger print sensor under the display in their upcoming models which are Vivo Xplay 7 and sharp Aquos S2. So we all have to wait late until next year to know more features of Galaxy Note9, Because whatever information or reports are not authenticated and neither  confirmed by Samsung. There is still lots of time for this new model to be launched so we have to just wait and watch.

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