Popular camera brands in India

Popular camera brands in India

In today's generation, preserving memories is almost as important as creating them, cameras have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Digital photography has become a new obsession for everyone. Some use their cameras mainly for selfies or family vacations.

Are you planning to buy a camera? The most appropriate questions are:

  • Which is the best camera to buy?
  • What is the popular camera brand?
 Popular camera brands in India

Popular camera brands

In order to make an informed decision, it would be useful, to know the outstanding camera brands currently on the market. This article will help you out. We are providing popular camera brands list below. Before buying camera online, just go through this article and make a quick decision.


People who have ever had a camera knows Canon, as one of the popular camera brands out there. Canon is known to all kinds of photographers, from those who are beginners in this field to professionals who only want the best possible quality of images. Canon EOS digital SLR line EOS and its point-and-shoot cameras are known to be easy to use with affordable range.

 Popular camera brands in India
  • Quality photography since 1984
  • Diverse collection of cameras
  • Top-of-the-line, high-end lenses from the L-series
  • High-contrast images
  • Good Product quality
  • Affordable camera lenses


Nikon is another undoubted brand of digital and film cameras. Its products are known to be user-friendly, especially after the introduction of the AF-S lens line. Nikon cameras are expensive, more resistant and intuitive, so you definitely get what you pay for it. D series of cameras and lenses is one of the best sellers in the photography industry. Nikon offers everything you need.

 Popular camera brands in India
  • One of the popular camera brands
  • Sharpest digital images
  • Compatibility with vintage F-Mount lenses
  • Quality camera bodies


Sony is the playing important role in this field. Sony is ahead when it comes to digital cameras without a mirror and point and shoot. A Cyber-shot line of digital cameras was popular in the early 2000s. They have a solid line of mirrorless cameras that are excellent for action photography. Sony will always place the top on the list of popular camera brands, with their affordable prices, user-friendly features.

 Popular camera brands in India
  • Innovative
  • Pioneer in mirrorless cameras
  • Competitive DLSRs
  • Reasonable price range


Pentax is probably not at the leading of anyone in determining the popular brand of cameras in the world, but the photography industry owes a lot to fill the gaps between low-end digital compact cameras and DSLR high-end. They are also known to make some of the most durable and weather resistant cameras, which are also easy to use and surprisingly cheaper. Most Pentax users swear by their team and have never changed to other brands. After all, the popular camera is not always expensive but works best for the photographer.

 Popular camera brands in India
  • Head in Weatherproof DSLRs
  • Universal K-mount for old lenses
  • Affordable range


When Olympus came out with mirrorless cameras that had interchangeable lenses, it changed the minds of all the photographers. Basically, they came out with new generation DSLRs that were lighter, smaller and faster. The brand is known for manufacturing quality SLR cameras and then some of the most difficult point-and-shoot cameras. The best part of Olympus is they are on the list of popular camera brands that offer the latest technology but remain with the lowest price range.

 Popular camera brands in India
  • Best in mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses
  • Products are sturdy, compact, and competitive
  • Low to medium price


In the field of instant photography and spine, Fujifilm is definitely the most popular camera brands. They are known among the younger generations for their line of easy-to-use instant cameras. The company is providing the best film cameras form many years, and they have only improved with their latest 35mm lines, medium format and cameras with a rangefinder camera.

 Popular camera brands in India

But they have also developed their own mirrorless cameras, further enhanced their competitive point-and-shoot digital cameras, and will soon come out with hybrid digital still cameras. Fujifilm is obviously the popular camera brands to choose from if you like analog and instant film cameras, as well as beautiful old photos.

  • Quality film cameras
  • Top-of-the-line instant cameras
  • Low to medium price range



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