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PlayStation 5 : When will the PS5 launch & should you wait?

PlayStation 5 : When will the PS5 launch &  should you wait?

PlayStation 5 or PS5 as it will eventually be known is the inevitable follow up to the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. Sony brought the PS4 into the world at the tail end of 2013. Four years on Sony has released another PlayStation console in the form of the PS4 pro, and seems to be promising us that it won't be cutting off the PS4 any time soon. 

PlayStation 5 :  When will it arrive?



There have been debates a plenty from analysts over the launch date of the PS5, with estimations ranging from 2018 to the fiendishly futuristic sounding 2020s. Fifth generation playstation is indeed in the works, Sony bosses have confirmed that it is coming. If we cast our eyes a few years back we know the initial play station was brought out in 1994, 23 years ago. Fast forward a few decades and 2013 the launch of the original PS4. Four years later still and we have just seen the excellent PS4Pro emerge.

David thong an analyst at Macquarie Capital Securities who boasts good track record on play stations predictions says that the play station 5 will be rolled out in the second half of 2018. 

PlayStation 5 Release date

 Given the distant release date, rumors circulating that the PS5 specification are not exactly what you would deem reliable. As the successors to the already excellent PS4 Pro, We can safely assert that sony will need to roll out some impressive new technology in order to shift the new console. The PS5 will definitely need to up its power game, so the analyst are predicting that it will shed the AMP based processor and start using Nvidias technology, something that the Nintendo switch carried off with aplomb. Consumers should not wait for Sony to announce the PS5 just yet because it make zero sense for the console maker to acknowledge these rumors and hurt PS4 and PS4 Pro sales which have been going quite well. Going by the past record of the analyst who set off the PS5 rumors and the rationale behind Sony's need for a credible 4K capable competitor to the Xbox One X,there's a good chance that a next generation play station 4 successor is looming on the horizon and we could in fact see it materialise circa 2019.

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