iphone 5 that costs around Rs. 84 crore

iphone 5 that costs around Rs. 84 crore

iphone 5 with Black diamonds


Maker of luxury products British designer Stuart Hughes has designed the world's most expensive iPhone 5, called the Black Diamond and it costs 10 million British Pounds or Rs 83.5 crore.

 In India, an iPhone 5 costs Rs. 45,500 in the market. For many, it is not less than an expensive hobby. Now imagine a diamond studded iPhone 5 enriched in gold coasting $ 15.3 million or 84 crore in Indian rupees. Even before also, Mr. Stuart has modified iPhone 4, MacBook, and iPad 2, with his golden touch. According to an estimated figure India, China, and Russia, has the largest number of Billionaires. 



The most expensive handset in the world. It took the designer 9 weeks to make this handset. The device is woven with pure gold, especially the outside casing. On the rear back, you will find Apple logo with 53 precious stones. Total 600 precious stones were used to make iPhone 5, a worthy investment. This very special edition but most expensive one, One can try other versions too. For instance there is another version, which is made from gold, and costs $33,800.

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