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Google to entertain the living room with new Android TV

Google to entertain the living room with new Android TV

Google Android TV

Google unveiled the upcoming release of Android TV  during its Google  I / O developer conference. With this update, which is scheduled to be released along with the next version of Android later this year. Google first introduced Android TV in 2014 and the platform's optics had remained more or less the same ever since. Existing Android TV devices have a screen offers a row of content recommendations from a variety of applications and services and, otherwise, lots of shortcuts to different applications.Google is now dividing these recommendations by service, which means that Netflix, YouTube and other applications on the platform automatically get their own row or channel, as Google officially calls it. Within that channel, publishers can present television programs, movies and other content based on their own priorities and, for example, highlight new content or redirect users to the things they have been seeing. 



Google's new Android TV comes up with your favorite operating system to your living room. New Android TV is more focused on entertainment and giving you an easy, fun experience. Android TV comes with set top boxes, smart TVs and video game consoles. There will also be a remote control that you can command with your voice.



Are you thinking of buying a smart TV?

 Here are a few things you need to know first click here. Android TV will have a lot of entertainment options. You can stream movies, TV shows and music from apps like Google Play, YouTube and Netflix. You can also play Android games on your TV. You can even watch live television through the Android TV system. Don't forget about your Android smartphone and tablet. Android TV will sync up with them for sharing Photos, Videos, Streaming music and many more.


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