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Difference between top loading and front loading washing machine

Difference between top loading and front loading washing machine

Are you thinking to buy washing machine for your home and confused what to buy? Don't worry this article will give you complete information about types of washing machines. Generally washing machines are of two types. Based on their structure

  • One is front loading washing machine.
  • Another is top loading washing machine.

The main difference between these two types of washing machines is the way of laundry is placed differently.

  • In front loading washing machine lid is in the front and laundry is from the side.
  • In top loading washing machine lid is on the top and laundry is placed from there. Before buying washingmachine know the way they function their advantages and disadvantages
front load vs top load washingmachines

1: Working

  • In front loading washing machine the basket is placed in horizontal direction and no use of agitator. There are paddles on the side of basket in front loading washing machine which helps to move clothes and stir water while the basket rotates. Paddles will help to remove dirt from the clothes.
  • In top loading washing machine basket is placed in vertical position. At centre there is one agitator placed on the vertical axis. This agitator helps for swirling of clothes in circular direction. This alternate movement creates friction and removes dirt from the clothes.

2: Capacity

In front loading you can keep more clothes compare to the top loading because there is no agitator in the centre. It means you can wash more clothes in one round than top Loading. It saves time if you have to do several rounds of washing.

3: Price

The price of front loading washing machine is more than a top loading washing machine, spending more money is really worth it because they are energy efficient. So you will definitely save money on your electricity bills. So it is worth to spend a little more on the front loading machine.

front load vs top load washingmachines

4: Electricity Usage

There is no agitator in front loading, so that there is more space inside for clothes. If you have a big family and need to wash many clothes daily then front loading is best option and can save your electricity bills by reducing the number of rounds than top loading. Also the front loading takes less time to dry the clothes.

5: Water & Detergent usage

Main advantage of front loading washing machine is it uses less water and detergent to wash clothes. The front loading uses water by half the quantity of top loading washing machine. You can use any kind of detergent. You have to use an efficient detergent or less of your regular detergent In front loading otherwise your laundry room will be filled with foam.

6: Space Consumption

Front loading washing machine is quite compacted in size than top loading. Also you can stack front loading on top of another. While top loading washing machine will save space in your laundry room.

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