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Best Waterproof Headphones With Music Player For Swimmers & Athletes

Best Waterproof Headphones With Music Player For Swimmers & Athletes

Waterproof headphones are an evolution of the normal earphones that lacked the wireless support and technology. Because when water meets gadgets bad thing happens as most of us had unpleasant experience of getting our earphones wet. Many of us are great music lovers but at certain places we can’t take music such as while swimming, jogging or while performing any sports activity. So waterproof headphones is the best solution for all these problems. These headphones are water resistant and built in order to provide great quality sound. We are compiling the list of best waterproof headphones.

1. Underwater Audio waterproof ipod Mega Bundle



For the full protection under water they use multiple internal layers which results in the most robust waterproof layers available. This headphones comes with simple playlist and very easy to wear. Its very conveneinet to use as its very small in size which can easily fit into the ears. It also has a very good battery backup of 15 hours and a internal storage of 2GB.

2. Swimbuds Headphones and MP3 player



If your budget is on a lower side then these are the best waterproof headphones. They have 8 gb of storage space with good quality of sound and battery life as well. These headphones are currently the best in the market in terms of the ones covering the waterproof aspect of headphones.

3. Travelon waterproof Headphones



These headphones serve perfectly as a test platform for finding out whether waterproof headphones are even the thing for you without the threat of overburdening the budget. Although beign very affordable the sound quality is very decent, but you can be sure that they will do fine to satisfy the basic desire to enjoy tracks while swimming or exercising. These headphones sport a rubber ear hook. They are sturdy yet flexible enough to avoid any irrirtaion or discomort.

4. FINIS Neptune waterproof headphones


These headphones include two hydrodynamic clips. The hydrodynamic clips replace your conventional headphones and thus use a patented method of bone conduction to get the sound to your inner ear. The hydrodynamic clip attached to the straps on the goggles and thus rely on them to be worn effectively. These clips also have a set of buttons on them as well. The quality of sound is absolutely unique and very crisp and clear.

5. Pyle PSWP8BK Active Action waterproof MP3 Players



Pyle active action waterproof mp3 players are convenient and detachable. One can easily transfer music and charge it.It comes witth 8 GB of internal memory and also has FM radio. The size of the headphones are designed universa lly which fits in all kind of sizes.

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