Apple's new wearables: Features for Apple iPhone X, Apple Watch LTE, New AirPods

Apple's new wearables: Features for Apple iPhone X, Apple Watch LTE, New AirPods

A series of leaks this weekend seems to have spilled beans over what Apple plans to unveil on Tuesday, its most important September event it has traditionally used to show new iPhone models with cutting edge technologies to reaffirm its tentpole position in Silicon Valley. The tenth anniversary iPhone model will be called the iPhone X, according to developer Steven Troughton Smith, who analyzed a leaked version of iOS construction that will be unveiled at consumers later this month and found several references to upcoming iPhone models in the software.

iPhone X


 The new model of apple that is iPhone X will be launched alongside two other iPhone models called the iPhone 7s plus and iPhone 8 . iPhone X is expected to feature an OLED screen. OLED screen provides improved colour representation, and more energy efficiency.

Face ID and Animoji



 New iPhone models will come up with facial recognition technology called "Face ID", allowing users to authenticate themselves and unlock the phone by just having a look at the phone. Apple has managed to pull this feat off by housing sensors that are able to measure the depth and expression of a face. Users are able to make use of this feature by creating custom Animoji, animated emoticons that look like people.

 Apple Watch LTE and new AirPods



 Upcoming version of the Apple Watch software, he proclaim separately that the upcoming Apple Watch will be supported by the LTE cellular network and be able to make and receive phone calls apart of the iPhone. Apparently, the LTE-enabled Apple Watch shares the same phone number as the iPhone it has paired with.  A small reference of the AirPods was also seen in the code by Smith.

The company may have plans to introduce a revised model of AirPods, its Bluetooth headsets that revealed last year. But other than the repositioning of the charging indicator light, no other changes were detected. Current generation AirPods require users to open AirPods to display the charge indicator. The previous model may have an indicator placed outside the body. Left side of the status bar will feature the system clock time, right side displays Wi-Fi, cellular signal strength and battery life.


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