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9 Things You Must Delete From Your Facebook Page

9 Things You Must Delete From Your Facebook Page

Nowadays Facebook plays a major role in our lives and a few reasons sometimes Facebook accounts will get hacked and now the organization provides spy on accounts. That's why? A few people deleted their accounts. You want to keep your Facebook account safe then follow the steps to avoid hazards and safe from hackers.


1. Birthday

Your birthday is one of the important clue, which additionally contains your name and address, with which people can hack easily your bank accounts and you're private details.

2. Telephone number

Hackers can identify easily and they call you directly. Not only calls also, they hack your financial accounts through your number. So, remove your mobile number.

3. The majority of your "Friends"

Oxford psychology professor Robin Dunbar said that people can keep up their relations up to 150 members. In the wake of taking a gander at 3,375 Facebook users, Dunbar found that of their Facebook friends, 4.1 were expressed as dependable, and 13.6 showed sensitivity amid an "emotional mess". Disposing of the deadwood can make for a more beneficial cooperation with social media.

4. Your Photographs and Family Photographs

Victoria Nash of the Oxford Internet Institute, suggested a decent conversation starter on this recently: What sort of data would kids need to see for themselves online at a later date? Past ages never expected to think about this, however with parents passionated sharing their child photographs this inquiry has turned out to be more critical.

5. While we avail about it, where your child goes to class

The main thing you need is to give an open door for a sex convict to discover where your child goes to class

6. Location Services Like Taggs

People sometimes forget about the truth and they tag with your location. It is one of the main cause to get more trouble to your Facebook account. May in that process, you are accessing Facebook from mobile. Anyone or may not sometimes it harms to you.

7. At the point when and where you're going on vacation

It is one of the best information to criminals. A few insurance agencies dismiss cases of the peoples who posted their vacation plans on social media.

8. Credit card Details

Never. This is never a smart thought.

9. Ticket pictures

Taking a photograph of your ticket is an approach to gloat about your vacation, yet don't be senseless! The standardized identification on your ticket is one of a kind to you and can be utilized to discover the data you gave the flight company.

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