Most Expensive iPhone in the world costs Rs. 681 Crores

Most Expensive iPhone in the world costs Rs. 681 Crores

Have you ever wondered about the deadline of the most expensive iPhone in the world? Are you already annoyed with the high prices of iPhone 6, iphone 7 and iPhone 8, then you must read this article. The most overpriced Apple iPhone in this world will cost you $110.5 Million, which is around Rs.681 crores. Now your eyes must have gone wide after reading this price and you must be wondering that what is so special about this iphone?

What is special in this expensive iPhone ?

 The most expensive iPhone in this world is named as "FALCON SuperNova". This phone comes in 3 different variants and each variant will cost you $110.5 Million. Three variants are



  • FALCON SuperNova 18K Gold iPhone Pink Diamond,
  • FALCON SuperNova Rose Gold iPhone Pink Diamond, and
  • FALCON SuperNova Platinum iPhone Pink Diamond.

All 3 variants have an option to choose from either iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus. The iPhone 6 variant comes for $95.5 million (Rs. 588 cr) while iPhone 6 Plus variant will cost $15 million extra.

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